About Us
I’m Marina Hop, the founder of Viveo. As a scientist by training, I’ve spent most of my career working with scientific and technology companies.

I started my career in the lab and while the science was intriguing, what really fascinated me was how a large proportion of technically successful projects never became commercially successful products.

What I wanted to know was how do you make a product or service successful? My journey led me to get involved in new ventures and strategy consulting and ultimately into marketing where I’ve done both strategic marketing and run the marketing operations and campaign delivery team for GE Life Sciences.

I've come to believe that the answer to my question is customer insight – when you truly understand why customers behave in the way that they do, based on their beliefs and biases, and you then act on this knowledge to better serve them by developing better products and marketing them in the most compelling way.  

I work with organisations across Europe and the UK so please get in touch and let's discuss how we can work together. 
What I really enjoy doing is helping Bioscience companies, big and small, to understand their customers more intimately so that they can deliver better marketing which increases the company’s chances of success.
Marina Hop
To read more about my experience please visit my LinkedIn profile .
Customer Testimonials
  1. Marina has extensive international marketing experience and as mentioned in her Linked In profile, truly does have the unique ability to work at both a strategic and operational level. Her speciality is the marketing of scientific products, developing and implementing strategic plans flawlessly.
    Marcomms Director - Kathleen Collier
  2. Marina is a highly professional operator and very personable. She has strong experience working for blue-chip private and public companies in a marketing and brand insights capacity.
    CEO - Darrin Disley
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