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  INFOGRAPHIC: Know which content to use at each stage of the customer purchase journey. ​ 

Product Launch

Marketing Strategy

Lead Generation

As the CEO of a young company, you feel that marketing is just not producing the number of quality sales leads that you need to meet the company’s aggressive sales target and you know it’s going to be hard to meet investor expectations or raise the next round of funding without a convincing sales funnel. 
Improve lead generation
  ​You’ve got a great, innovative technology and your R&D department isn’t short of new product ideas. You’ve been able to grow the business by bringing a steady stream of new products to market but now the cost of supporting them is starting to mount up and if you’re honest, very few have achieved significant market share.​​
  ​You’ve been in the market for a few years now and won some key customer accounts but your market share is still low in a large, growing market. Your sales team blame new competitors that have entered the market. Growth in expenditure is starting to outpace growth in income so you need to act quickly.
Product Launches
Better Strategy

Campaign Development

Marketing Health

Virtual Marketing

Early customers love the product. You’ve had some success so you’ve ramped up your marketing and sales effort in anticipation of rapid growth but overall sales remain sluggish. You’re shifting units but it’s taking a lot of effort and you’re having to discount to get the sale. Not enough customers seem to be convinced of the benefits of the product.

You’re spending a significant amount on marketing activities; attending all the big conferences and event (which is costing a small fortune), you’ve built a new, better website and implemented a marketing automation system but the business just isn’t growing at the pace that it should. 
What should you focus on to turn things around?

 You’ve got a small group of people in the marketing team; you've found a talented digital graduate and your junior marketer is doing a great job producing collateral. Some of the material is great but it just doesn’t seem to gel together very well. You’d like the expertise of a Marketing Director but you just can’t justify paying for someone full time.​​

New Campaigns
Health Check
 Marketing Exec


  ​You’ve got a reasonable marketing budget and an enthusiastic marketing team. You hire marketing experts when you need them but you feel that your team would benefit from learning the skills that will allow them to apply this know-how themselves.
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