Case Studies

Rebranding acquisitions

Superior technology doesn't always win

A UK drug development services company recently acquired three new businesses (including two in the US) and found itself with a name, visual branding and brand narrative that didn’t reflect the rapidly expanding organisation or its ambitions for the future.
We were engaged by the Marketing Director to roll out the new brand identity across the business’s 5 sites in under 6 months. 
The product marketing team for a protein analysis instrument were seeing sales numbers stagnate and increasing competition drive down price. The company had been first to market and had been highly successful for over a decade. They were technically superior to the competition and had been considered market leader for almost a decade. However, multiple competitors had entered the market in the last 2 years and one company in particular was eating their lunch.

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Ivory tower innovation

An established microscopy and high content analysis (HCA) provider had developed a bench top cell analyser which they wanted to bring to market. By the time R&D presented the instrument to Marketing, the specs were already locked down and the beta version was about to go out to testers. At this late stage we were tasked with trying to find a unique angle that would differentiate the product in an already crowded market for cell analysers.
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